Film: Timothy David Orme

A rough cut of Timothy David Orme’s film “Afterlight” showed May 2nd at the Breadline Poetry Performance Series in Seattle, Washington.  Also, the rough cut of “Afterlight” along with his film “Mouth” was shown at The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival May 4th at the Lyric Cinema Cafe.


Film: Timothy David Orme

Timothy David Orme’s films “Mouth” and “Enso” will be showing at the Free Form Film Festival Screening Series at DU April 25th. He will also have two films showing at Experimental Film Festival Portland, “Mouth,” and his collaboration with Haley Larson, “Periapsis.”

Publication: Timothy David Orme and Haley Larson

Cross Process: A Journal of Hybrid Film /Video, a DVD journal edited by Timothy David Orme, with editorial assistance by Haley Larson is now available.  Until the website’s up, just ask Tim or Haley if you’d like a copy.

Film: Timothy David Orme

Over Winter Break, Timothy David Orme’s film “Septate” was selected by Adam Lerner, Chief Animator of the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, to be part of the Pirate Gallery’s annual juried show.  His film “Active Decay” is currently installed at the Ice Cube Gallery in Denver.  He hopes you will come visit on closing night, February 1st, when the film will be showing, but more importantly when there will be free food and wine.

Film and Publication: Timothy David Orme

Timothy David Orme’s film “Mouth” will be December’s featured film in Cutbank‘s new new media series, jərˈmān.  Also, a review of Alice Blue’s Shotgun Wedding Series in The Stranger notes Tim’s chapbook, Reflummuxology: Or, a Navel Inverse.  Spoiler alert, it refers to Tim’s punning “powers” as used “for evil, not for good,” and refers to the chapter as “completely insane.”