Graduate Student News: Raul Moreno

Raul Moreno graduated from the department’s Creative Nonfiction M.A. program over the summer and joined the University of South Dakota English Department’s doctoral program. His thesis, “Zen and the Art of Conquest: A Misadventure with Phaedrus,” earned distinction and acceptance as an essay to the 2011 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference in Grapevine, Texas. Raul will likely deliver a reading from the same work at the 2011 John R. Milton Writers’ Conference, held October 27-29 in Vermillion, South Dakota. (Come visit, please!) His review of’s debut nonfiction was published online over the summer by Brevity and Colorado Review and another essay, “What Happened Yesterday in Baghdad,” appears in print this fall in War, Literature, and the Arts. Links to both works can be found online at


Raul Moreno: PhD News

Raul Moreno has accepted an offer to join the University of South Dakota’s PhD program in creative writing, in Vermillion, where he’ll be writing and teaching until 2015, God willing. Meanwhile, Raul’s essay “I’d Like to Talk About the Bigger Stuff,” which explores relationships among Coloradoans, the Kyrgyz, and our animals, has won Phoebe’s inaugural nonfiction contest. The essay will appear in the journal’s fall issue and an excerpt can be found next week at

Raul Moreno Publishes, “Exposure Time,” a Travel Essay

Raul Moreno’s “Exposure Time,” a travel essay involving Colorado, Colombia, and Kyrgyzstan, appears in this weekend’s print edition of Matter Daily, a publication of Wolverine Farm and the Matter Bookstore. An excerpt can be found online at

Conference Presentation: Raul Moreno

Raul Moreno will present a pedagogical essay, “Negotiating the Personal/Academic Divide,” at the Intermountain Graduate Conference in Pocatello, Idaho, on February 5. This year’s interdisciplinary gathering on “Challenging Boundaries, Seeking Intersections” is co-hosted by Idaho State University and Utah State University. The essay will soon be available at