New Job: Adam Mackie

Adam Mackie has accepted a position as a managing editor at Group Publishing in Loveland and will not be returning to teach in spring 2014. He’s going to miss working in the Department, but isn’t relocating. So, he’ll still be around and will do his best to stay in touch.


Award and New Job: Kimberly Fields

In Spring 2012, Kimberly Fields (M.A., 2005), was awarded the distinction of Master Distance Educator by the Wyoming Distance Education Consortium. At the time, Kimberly was an English instructor at Laramie County Community College, and an advocate for Universal Design for Learning, which she continues to do in her new position as eLearning Coordinator for the State of Wyoming. She has presented on UDL at the Instructional Technology Council eLearning Conference and as a part of the ITC Webinar series. In July, she participated in the Harvard Graduate School of Education summer program in UDL. Congratulations, Kimberly!

Bonnie Emerick: New Job

In Spring 2012, Bonnie Emerick was offered and accepted a tenure-track English faculty position at Temple College in Temple, TX, which is about 45 minutes outside Austin. She says, “I want to extend sincere thanks to my MA and my MFA professors who consistently have supported my lengthy job search, writing numerous letters of recommendation, and fielding phone calls from strangers who have called you out of the blue to inquire of you as my reference. Your words, time, and belief in me have been indispensable.” The English Department wishes Bonnie all the best in her new job.