Film: Timothy David Orme

Timothy David Orme’s film collaboration with Cathy Wagner, “A Pattern” will be included in the next edition of On and On Screen:


Summer weekend teaching opportunity at Pingree Park

Teach a 90 minute to 1/2 day writing class up at Pingree Park with the College Connect teen program.  Here’s what the organizer has to say:  “College Connect is a yearly program for youth in foster care from the ages of 16 to 21. The goal of the program is to provide a college experience to the youth. In the past, we have gone to Colorado Mountain College and Alamosa just to list a couple. During their stay they participate in ‘classes’ to provide a real life experience of what college could be like. The courses in the past have been focused toward Arts, History and English. There are no rules to what the classes need to look like. The courses usually last between an hour and half to half a day. The conference will be from July 16th to July 18th. The classes are offered on July 17th. This year, the College Connect Conference will be held at Pingree Park. I would love feedback on classes and people who could help with facilitating the classes.”   Interested?  Contact Nicole Armstrong at the Matthews House at 970-472-0609 / 970-631-5937-Cell or via email: