Conference Presentation: Tobi Jacobi

Tobi Jacobi presented a paper at the Feminisms and Rhetorics biannual conference at Stanford University on the challenge of an activist approach to prison literacy work.  In the Stanford Library archives she also discovered 230 boxes of unexamined letters to Angela Davis and that the Black Panther Party wanted their female members to wear bras.


Conference Presentation: Sue Doe

Sue Doe’s paper, “The Student-Veteran Effect: Reanimating the Arts of the Contact Zone” was part of a panel she chaired at 4C’s (Conference on College Composition and Communication) on “Productive Tensions: Ideological Conflict and the Next Generation of Support for Student-Veterans.“  While at C’s, Sue also participated as tenure-track representation to the Part-Time, Adjunct and Contingent Faculty Standing Committee and the Editorial Board of FORUM, a non-tenure-track faculty publication of the journal College Composition and Communication, which this year will go online in a much expanded version.

Conference Presentations, Workshop, etc.: Lisa Langstraat

Lisa Langstraat attended the Conference on College Composition and Communication last week, where she did the following: Co-Chaired a day-long pre-conference workshop on working with military veterans in writing-intensive courses; presented the paper, “Working with Female Veterans in First-year Composition Courses,” at the workshop; presented, on a different panel, a paper, “Colliding Values, Student-Veterans, and Responsible Writing Program Administration,” served on the NCTE Student Veteran Task Force, and co-chaired the Special Interest Group meeting for Military Veterans and their Families at the conference.

Conference Presentations: Sue Doe

Sue Doe gave two presentations at last week’s Conference on College Composition and Communication (4C’s). They were:

  • “Demographics and Pragmatics: Who Are Student-Veterans and Why Are So Many Enrolling in Colleges and Universities Now?”
  • “Moving In, Moving Through, and Moving On:  Addressing the ‘Service Difference’ in the 50-50 Writing Classroom”

Todd Mitchell: Publication and Presentations

A new, paperback edition of Todd Mitchell’s The Traitor King was just released. The book is also now available as an eBook for under five bucks.

Todd Mitchell recently presented sessions at the CCIRA conference in Denver and the High Plains Library Conference in Greeley. He also ran writing workshops with middle and high school students in the Blue Horizons program, and performed an author visit at Fort Morgan middle school, working with students and staff.

Mike Palmquist: Conference and Publication

Mike Palmquist took a road trip in September, presenting a WAC workshop and consulting on teaching with technology at Florida International University, presenting a talk on the future of scholarly publishing at Clemson University, and giving the keynote address at the Georgia Conference on Information Literacy in Savannah. The fourth edition of his textbook, The Bedford Researcher, also came out this month.

Sarah Sloane: Three Presentations and a Publication

Sarah Sloane will have given three presentations by the end of October:  “The Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman,” a creative reading of an essay about being a very tall woman (Western Literature Association); “Naming Ourselves, Naming Others: A Feminist Ethic in Writing Creative Fiction” about her work in nonfiction about a Guatemalan refugee (Feminisms and Rhetorics); and “Sir Walter Scott and the Problem of Attribution and Anonymity among the Edinburgh Literati, 1782-1798” (International Scott Conference/Walter Scott: Sheriff and Outlaw). On a lighter note, her essay about adopting her puppy, Zoey, will appear in the winter issue of Modern Dog Magazine (circulation 50,000).

Lisa Langstraat: Conference Presentations

At the 2011 College on Composition and Communication, Lisa Langstraat presented a paper, ” Vet’s Only: Transitional Literacies in a Veteran-Designated Composition Course,” which was covered in an article in INSIDEHIGHERED.  She also co-chaired the CCCC Special Interest Group for Active Military, Veterans, and their Families.

At the HERA Conference in San Francisco in early March, Lisa Langstraat presented a paper, “Teaching Critical Emotion Theory: A Case Study in Compassion.”

Conference Presentation: Raul Moreno

Raul Moreno will present a pedagogical essay, “Negotiating the Personal/Academic Divide,” at the Intermountain Graduate Conference in Pocatello, Idaho, on February 5. This year’s interdisciplinary gathering on “Challenging Boundaries, Seeking Intersections” is co-hosted by Idaho State University and Utah State University. The essay will soon be available at

Conference Presentation: Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell is presenting a session entitled “Putting Your Self on the Line: Bold Ways to Inspire Writing” at this year’s CCIRA Conference in Denver, on February 5th. Todd will also be performing full day author visits in February at Secrest Elementary School in Arvada on February 7th, and Federal Heights Elementary School on the 23rd. At both schools, he’ll be giving talks on reading and writing, and running workshops with faculty and students.