Travel and Teaching: Sarah Sloane

What’s Professor Sarah Sloane teaching? Travel writing. Where? Russia! She writes,  “For those of you who have been waiting for a photo of Pavlov’s dog (stuffed) at the Museum of Hygiene in St. Petersburg:


Lecture and Reading: Sarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane gave a lecture and a reading from Bodies Just Like Us:  The Story of a Guatemalan Guerrilla at the Open University of West Africa, in Accra, Ghana, on October 18, 2013. She also interviewed Ghanaian writer Amma Darko, author of Not Without Flowers, on the same day.

Publications, Readings, Etc.: Sarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane was writer-in-residence at ART342 from May 7 through September 3 2012 where, inexplicably, all the residents called her “Sloane.” She gave six readings of nonfiction and poetry during the summer, including two at the Curfman Gallery, one at Rendition Gallery, and three at the ART342 barn during its summer Open House. In tandem with her two readings at the Curfman Gallery, with the help of artists/writers Rebecca McGoldrick and Chloé Leisure, Sloane installed a visual art exhibit relating to her chapbook, “Emergent Geographies I,” shown for two weeks. Her 25-page article “Wilhelm Reich and the Etheric Warriors” will be appearing as part of the Ashgate Research Companion series in Summer 2013. Her essay “The Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman,” about being a tall woman in the United States, is currently under consideration, as is her essay “Butches and Boxes,” about building an orgone box with an ex-girlfriend. Sloane read selections from “Emergent Geographies I” at this year’s Western Literature Association conference in Lubbock, Texas, November 7-10 2012. She applied for a leave of absence in Fall 2013 because she has been selected to teach in the Semester at Sea program on their Atlantic Rim trip. A Visiting Lecturer at University of Virginia, she will be visiting 17 countries in 100 days, including Russia, Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic, among others.

Sarah Sloane: Three Presentations and a Publication

Sarah Sloane will have given three presentations by the end of October:  “The Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman,” a creative reading of an essay about being a very tall woman (Western Literature Association); “Naming Ourselves, Naming Others: A Feminist Ethic in Writing Creative Fiction” about her work in nonfiction about a Guatemalan refugee (Feminisms and Rhetorics); and “Sir Walter Scott and the Problem of Attribution and Anonymity among the Edinburgh Literati, 1782-1798” (International Scott Conference/Walter Scott: Sheriff and Outlaw). On a lighter note, her essay about adopting her puppy, Zoey, will appear in the winter issue of Modern Dog Magazine (circulation 50,000).