Community Literacy Center News

Community Literacy Center (CLC) interns, Elise Yenne, Brittany Devons, and Olivia Pait successfully completed their year-long community writing teaching with two public readings as the Spring 2014 SpeakOut! journal was launched during the last two weeks. Thanks to assistant director Lauren Alessi for her leadership all year!


Presentation: Elise Yenne

Elise Yenne (Community Literacy Center intern) won 1st place for her service-learning poster presentation for the 2014 CSU CURC competition.  She highlighted her work as an intern and writing workshop facilitator with the Larimer County Detention Center men’s writing group.

Community Literacy Center News

September 2012: The Community Literacy Center welcomes our 2012-13 interns: Emma Steward (English education), Edward Wells (creative writing), Talisha Haltiwanger (rhetoric/composition), and Lauren Alessi (sociology).  Each will lead a team of workshop facilitators in a community writing group this year.  The CLC also trained 6 new SpeakOut writing workshop volunteers.

Publication: CLC

The CLC is proud to announce the publication of our Spring 2012 SpeakOut Journal (“Larimer County Ink”).  Kudos to Stephanie Train for another well-edited issue.  Special thanks to the SpeakOut volunteers and facilitators: Morgan Dorn, Brianna Rivers, Ashlee Marshall, Mandy Hanks, Jennifer Lawson, Brittany Belmarez, Natalie Thornton, Steph Becker, Tifarah O’Neill, Katie Loewen, Elliott Johnston, and Talisha Haltiwanger.

The CLC recognizes the amazing contributions of the 2011-12 Americorps interns: Natalie Thornton, Stephanie Becker, Brittany Belmarez, and Tina Shane.  Each completed significant community literacy work with a local community partner and developed a research project.  Great work everyone!