Keynote Speech: Tobi Jacobi

Tobi Jacobi gave a keynote on research sustainability and ethics highlighting her prison work in the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric program at Syracuse University. She also began work on 20th Century prison narratives from the New York Training School for Girls with the non-profit Prison Public Memory Project in Hudson, NY in mid-May.


Keynote Speech: Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell delivered the evening keynote address at this year’s Rocky Mountain Chapter SCBWI Conference in Denver. He also gave a presentation on graphic novels and hybrid texts, and got to hang out with one of his literary heroes, Chris Crutcher.

Conference Keynote, Workshop, and Sessions: Todd Mitchell

Last Saturday, Todd Mitchell delivered the morning keynote address at this year’s Colorado Teen Lit Conference in Denver to over 450 people (he didn’t fall off the stage or puke in his shoe).

Todd also ran writing workshops and presented sessions on encouraging creativity to students and faculty at Governor’s Ranch School in Littleton.