Panel: Creative Career Connect

Creative Career Connect
Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Location: Lory Student Center, Grey Rock Room
Time: 4:00 to 5:30 pm
Open to all CSU students, faculty, and alumni
To Register:

Have you ever dreamed of having a creative and fulfilling career but wondered if it was possible to actually make a living pursuing your passions? Come learn from people who are living and working in alignment with their dreams. This event will include a panel discussion and time for networking. The panel will consist of creative professionals who write, dance, act, play music, and make art for a living. This is a great opportunity to learn how to apply your specific liberal arts skills and creative passions to plan and manage your very own creative career.

Creative Career Connect Panelists

Elizabeth Morrisette, Fiber Artist and Community Spirit
Dulcie Willis, Arts Administrator, Educator, Director and Choreographer
Jean Denney, Orchestral Musician and Educator
Kerrie Flanagan, Freelance Writer and Writing Consultant
Kari Munson, Project Manager at Beet Street, LEAP Instructor
Jennissa Asay, Dance, Theatre, Music, Studio Owner


Emerging Pedagogies Research and Travel Grant

“Pearson is pleased to announce the Emerging Pedagogies Research and Travel Grant, open to graduate students in the fields of Composition, Rhetoric, and Business and Technical Communication and to adjunct faculty teaching Composition courses. Up to ten grants will be awarded. These $750 Research and Travel Grants are intended to defray part of the cost of attending the 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), which will be held in Indianapolis from March 19 – 22, 2014.” To learn more about this grant, see

CO300 Professional Development Workshops

“Grade Norming for Multimodal Projects.”  So you are all excited about integrating more multimodal projects in your sections of Writing Arguments.  What’s stopping you?  Maybe consternation (or just a little insecurity) about assessment.  Beth Lechleitner (whose own consternation makes her highly qualified) and Laura Thomas will facilitate this assessment norming session for wannabe multimodal pedagogues.  Also welcome are CO300 instructors who already teach multimodal assignments and would like to share their wealth of experience or perhaps confirm, refine their approaches.

Dates:                  Early October, exact date TBA

“Audiences:  Invoked/Addressed/Unintended.”   Ed Lessor facilitates a discussion of audience in the social media era using the two Ede and Lunsford essays from the CO300 reader to ground a conversation about the complexities of teaching audience in multimodal compositional environments. Discussion will center on integrating these theoretical texts with CO300 coursework with a focus on practical classroom activities and assignments.

Dates:                  Monday, November 11 and Tuesday, November 12

Time:                   4:30-5:30 p.m.

College of Liberal Arts Adjunct Faculty Reception

Save the Date

Instructors: Save the Date for the College of Liberal Arts Adjunct Faculty Reception

Please join Dean Ann Gill and members of the College of Liberal Arts Adjunct Faculty for a reception in your honor! As has become a CLA tradition, we will meet to converse, enjoy refreshments, and hear remarks from Dean Gill at the Hatton Gallery in the Visual Arts building on Thurs., Sept. 19, 4-6 p.m. You will have a chance not only to meet colleagues from across the CLA, but also to view the 18th Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition. Children and significant others are welcome. The Art department will even supply sidewalk chalk to amuse the young ones while we meet and greet. Dean Gill’s remarks are set to begin at 4:45. You’ll be receiving an email message soon from Okee Hanna in the Dean’s office; be sure to RSVP. Questions? Contact Laura Thomas at or Eddy 337.

CO150 Library News

Good News! The Morgan Library will be able to commit to offering library research orientation to all CO150 instructors who want it in the fall of 2013. And, there are some new supplemental materials designed by CSU’s Department of Composition to boot. Furthermore, the Morgan Library and the Department of Composition are interested in piloting instructor-led orientation sessions in the fall of 2013 to better tailor library research orientations for the needs of CO150. And, we are looking for instructors willing to explore this possibility with us! An interactive “train the trainer” workshop titled “Take in the Reins of Library Research: CO150 Library Research Orientation was held on April 15 and April 16 at the Morgan Library.

Library Instruction for CO150

Beginning Fall Semester, 2013, the CSU library will no longer be able to offer library instruction days for CO150 classes due to budget restraints. As a result, CO150 instructors will be responsible for teaching their own library instruction days. Adam Mackie and Matt Truslow will hold a workshop titled Professional Development in CO150 Library Instruction on April 15 and April 16 from 4:30-5:30 pm at the Morgan Library in Computer Classroom 174. This “train the trainer” workshop will be an interactive exploration and demonstration of the resources and materials available for library instruction day. Instructors will be guided and engaged in a sample lesson and have the opportunity to discuss concerns related to facilitating their own CO150 library instructions.


-Become familiar with the resources and materials to teach the library instruction day.

-Observe and engage with a sample library instruction lesson plan.

-Learn how to construct a library session that caters specifically to CO150, your class’ research assignment, and your students’ needs.


Dates: Monday, April 15 and Tuesday, April 16 

Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm

Where: Morgan Library, Computer Classroom 174

Incentives: An activity-oriented lesson plan for library instruction of CO150 and a guided, standalone document filled with useful library-related resources.



Upper Division Composition Workshops

Two more upper division composition workshops will be offered after Spring Break. Both count toward the UD composition professional development certificate. Each workshop will be offered at two times.

Face-to-Face Assessment: This Time It’s Personal
Tuesday, March 26, 4-5 p.m. or Wednesday, March 27, 4-5 p.m., Whitaker Conference Room

Knowing that the best assessment practices in composition courses include formative evaluation and robust, thoughtful response to student writing—not just “grading papers”—instructors are always looking for ways to make the process of evaluating students’ work matter. Some of us have added face-to-face assessment or “grading conferences” to our repertoire. Join Laura Thomas, Jeana Burton and Sharon Grindle for a conversation about our experiences with this promising method. Although we will focus on upper division courses, instructors who teach composition at any level are encouraged to attend.

Blogged Down?
Tuesday, April 9 or Wednesday April 10, 4-5 p.m. Whitaker Conference Room.

It has been a couple of years since we had a seminar about blogging in CO300.  Since then, a number of instructors have begun using blogs in various ways.  This workshop led by Beth Lechleitner will give you an opportunity to catch up on how blogs are being used by CO300 instructors, share how you are using them (if you are), ask questions if you are thinking about integrating them with your course, and share best practices (and perhaps a few cautionary tales). The workshop is open to current CO300 instructors and those interested in teaching the course.

Workshop for CO300 Instructors

CO 300 Workshop: Making the Most of the New Textbooks
When: Mon., May 21, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Where: Eddy 2
Presented by the upper-division composition spring team: Kate Kiefer, Beth Lechleitner, Christina Sutton, and Laura Thomas

Join us for a half-day workshop focused on integrating one of the new textbook selections into your CO300 course. The workshop is for current and prospective CO300 instructors who plan to adopt one of the new recommended texts. It includes a discussion of strategies for designing syllabi and assignments as well as hands-on time to collaborate with fellow instructors. RSVP to by May 16 please.

Check your email for more details.

Workshop: Writing from Sources: Issues, Research, and Pedagogy

Upcoming Workshop: Writing from Sources: Issues, Research, and Pedagogy!
Date & Time: Thursday, April 12 at 3:30 in the Whittaker Conference room (Eddy 303)

What issues do your students have with finding, summarizing, and integrating sources? Whether we teach literature or composition, our students often face the same tasks: reading sources and drawing from them to support their ideas. In this workshop, Katie Hammond and Jenny Levin will share information from various sessions they attended at the 2012 Conference on College Composition and Communication regarding these issues. They will present:

  •  Research from the Citation Project about how first-year students are finding, reading and using sources in their research writing;
  •  Specific assignments and activities that strengthen students’ research and evaluation skills.

The one hour workshop will be focused on practicality – Katie Hammond  and Jenny Levin have synthesized and created multiple activities and assignments for you to take away with you! The workshop will also be very interactive as all attendees will be encouraged to discuss their experiences and share ideas. All instructors of classes are encouraged to attend!

Upper Division Composition Workshop: Textbook

Upper Division Composition Workshop on Rhetorical Analysis: A Brief Guide for Writers.

Tuesday, February 28 from 11 am-12 pm  in the Eddy Library, aka the Philosophy Library (323D—along the west end of the building)


Wednesday, February 29 from 4-5 pm in the Whitaker conference room.

Beth Lechleitner will lead an in-depth look at this text which was among those previewed at the roundtable discussion at the beginning of the month, (no need to have attended the introduction to all five texts to attend and benefit from this one.) Key features of the text will be highlighted, some recommended activities enumerated, and we will explore how this text, which is a particularly good choice for veteran instructors of CO300, can be integrated with Readings in Rhetoric for Advanced Writers (RRAW).

If you were not able to attend this week’s session on A Little Argument, but would like to look at that text more closely, review copies are available for check out from Kate Kiefer.  She also has a few copies of the handouts from the workshop. And Beth is happy to talk with you about either of these books.