Lisa Langstraat: Task Force Appointment

Lisa Langstraat has been asked to serve as a member of the newly-created College Composition and Communication Veteran Students Task Force, recently formed with a term ending in November 2013.  The task force will document how institutions around the country are doing in response to the influx of veteran students; develop a “Best Practices” document based on research; draft a position statement and guidelines for instructors and tutors of college composition to better serve the increasing number of veterans; and develop strategies to respond to the needs of veterans–including those who may not enter post-secondary classrooms–through the promotion of literacy, language and writing.


Sue Doe: Grant Award

Sue Doe has been awarded a grant from the Center for Research on Writing, Communication, and Technology for her proposal entitled, “A Longitudinal Study of Student Veterans and Their Literacy Practices.”

Upper Division Composition News

At Kate Kiefer’s request, Bev McQuinn, Debra Walker, Ed Lessor, and Kate undertook a comprehensive review of argument textbooks this semester and are preparing to share insights and recommendations with all faculty interested in or currently teaching CO300. We anticipate NO changes in textbook adoptions for spring 2012. We will begin with a roundtable discussion of our review process and most highly ranked texts in February and then follow with a series of workshops later in spring semester. If you have specific issues you would like to be sure we cover in the workshops, please get in touch with one of us.

Sue Doe and Lisa Langstraat: Panel Moderation

Sue Doe and Lisa Langstraat moderated student-veteran panels in support of Veterans Week, November 7-11. Lisa moderated a panel on diversity and the military, and Sue moderated a panel in which veterans told their stories of military service. In recognition of Veteran’s Day (Friday, November 11) Lisa and Sue wish to recognize several of the veterans who participated in these panels:

  • Jonathon Wedemeyer, U.S.Army, whose four deployments included two tours each to Iraq and Afghanistan. Jon is a construction management major.
  • Christopher Kline, U.S. Marine Corps, deployed three times to Iraq; Christopher is a senior history major who plans to teach high school history.
  • Justin Smith, Army National Guard, who was deployed once to Iraq and once to AFRICOM. Justin is a history major. Justin’s parents traveled from Kodiak, Alaska to be present at the panel.
  • Philip Jones, U.S. Marine Corps, who was deployed twice to Iraq and is an international relations and economics major.
  • Special guest Ben Scott, a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, who enlisted upon graduation and served in Iraq and Afghanistan until he was medically retired. Present in the audience was Ben’s dad, who traveled from North Carolina with him.
  • Claudia Hernandez, Army, who was a medic deployed in Afghanistan who is currently a Spanish major and plans to become an MD.
  • Ben C. Hersch, Army, an environmental health specialist deployed to Afghanistan who is planning to study entomology.

Sue Doe and Lisa Langstraat: Workshop

Sue Doe, Erin Hadlock, Lisa Langstraat and Jenny Pickett are facilitated a TILT workshop, “Working with Post-9/11 Student-Veterans: A Faculty Primer” on Oct. 13 and 20.  The workshop addressed the effects of the Post-9/11 GI Bill on CSU and nation-wide, the challenges veterans experience as they transition from active duty to student status, clashes between military and academic culture, and pedagogical strategies for addressing veterans’ needs and strengths.  Faculty interested in learning more about this issue can contact Sue, Erin, Lisa, or Jenny.

Mike Palmquist: Conference and Publication

Mike Palmquist took a road trip in September, presenting a WAC workshop and consulting on teaching with technology at Florida International University, presenting a talk on the future of scholarly publishing at Clemson University, and giving the keynote address at the Georgia Conference on Information Literacy in Savannah. The fourth edition of his textbook, The Bedford Researcher, also came out this month.