ADVISING WEEK – Thursday, April 4th through Friday, April 12th

The English Department’s advising week is Thursday, April 4th through Friday, April 12th.  All undergraduate English Majors should schedule appointments with their advisor to plan their Fall 2013 schedule. If you don’t have an advisor, please contact the English Department.


gtPathways Workshop: Sue Doe

In our next gtPathways Workshop, Sue Doe (English) and Karla Gingerich (Psychology) will talk about their research on in-class mini writing at 11 a.m. on Monday March 11 in BSB 355: “In-Class Mini-Writing: Deepen Student Thinking without Going Knee-Deep in Work.”

Undergraduate students too often sit idly in class, perhaps imagining that their presence alone translates to comprehension and retention of course material. Then exam time arrives and it becomes clear that a half-attentive approach to classroom time hasn’t served them well. In this session, we offer a model of an in-class mini writing sequence that probes student understanding and compels students to think. This type of writing does not require extensive individual feedback but can be quickly assessed to achieve both student accountability and an understanding of whole-class needs. Meanwhile, engaged students gain direct benefit from the effort involved in thinking through writing. The model was recently tested by the presenters who found modest gains in student performance as result of informal, in-class writing.

Library Instruction for CO150

Beginning Fall Semester, 2013, the CSU library will no longer be able to offer library instruction days for CO150 classes due to budget restraints. As a result, CO150 instructors will be responsible for teaching their own library instruction days. Adam Mackie and Matt Truslow will hold a workshop titled Professional Development in CO150 Library Instruction on April 15 and April 16 from 4:30-5:30 pm at the Morgan Library in Computer Classroom 174. This “train the trainer” workshop will be an interactive exploration and demonstration of the resources and materials available for library instruction day. Instructors will be guided and engaged in a sample lesson and have the opportunity to discuss concerns related to facilitating their own CO150 library instructions.


-Become familiar with the resources and materials to teach the library instruction day.

-Observe and engage with a sample library instruction lesson plan.

-Learn how to construct a library session that caters specifically to CO150, your class’ research assignment, and your students’ needs.


Dates: Monday, April 15 and Tuesday, April 16 

Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm

Where: Morgan Library, Computer Classroom 174

Incentives: An activity-oriented lesson plan for library instruction of CO150 and a guided, standalone document filled with useful library-related resources.



Publication: Cassie Eddington

Cassie Eddington’s manuscript under story was a finalist in Gazing Grains’ 2012 chapbook competition. Sections of her poem “the hungry matter” will be published in Gazing Grains’ new “miniature” series of tiny, handmade books and distributed at the AWP bookfair in Boston (