Conference Attendance Funding: Nancy Henke

Nancy Henke was awarded a Professional Equity Project (PEP) grant from the Conference on College Composition and Communication to attend their 2013 convention in Las Vegas.


Conference Attendance Funding

Ed Lessor, Katie Hoffman, and Sarah Hart were awarded support from the STF/STA Professional Development Funds (which are supported by proceeds from sales of ISM and RRAW textbooks) to travel to College Composition and Communication in 2013.  Nancy Henke was awarded funds to travel to the 2013 Writing Program Administrators Conference.  Look for information about workshops and other events that these colleagues will facilitate to share new research with all composition instructors.

Conference Keynote, Workshop, and Sessions: Todd Mitchell

Last Saturday, Todd Mitchell delivered the morning keynote address at this year’s Colorado Teen Lit Conference in Denver to over 450 people (he didn’t fall off the stage or puke in his shoe).

Todd also ran writing workshops and presented sessions on encouraging creativity to students and faculty at Governor’s Ranch School in Littleton.

Conference: Katie Hammond and Jenny Levin

Katie Hammond and Jenny Levin attended the Conference on College Composition and Communication in St. Louis, MO last week. They were able to attend the conference thanks to funding from the STF Professional Development Fund. Please stay tuned for an announcement about a professional development workshop to be offered later this semester when they will share ideas from the conference.