Keynote Speech: Tobi Jacobi

Tobi Jacobi gave a keynote on research sustainability and ethics highlighting her prison work in the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric program at Syracuse University. She also began work on 20th Century prison narratives from the New York Training School for Girls with the non-profit Prison Public Memory Project in Hudson, NY in mid-May.


Retirement Reception for Patti Cowell

The retirement reception for Pattie Cowell on Wednesday was well attended and festive. It was a pleasure to see so many retirees from English, Marcia Aune and several faculty among them. Our own (shared) Bruce Ronda spoke eloquently of Pattie’s ability to “listen deeply,” Ann Gill and John Didier spoke warmly of Pattie and her accomplishments in the College and University, and Paola Malpezzi-Price praised Pattie for her interim leadership of the Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures. At the end of her speech, Paola said that whenever she has a tough situation, she closes her eyes and thinks, “What would Pattie do?” At that point, 50 people in the crowd held up signs that asked that same question and chanted together, “What would Pattie do?” Department thanks to Sue Russell for making the signs and for collecting signatures and contributions. Pattie sends her gratitude:

“I want to send thanks to the entire English Department for its part in yesterday’s retirement gathering. Of course my thanks are not only for a warm Wednesday afternoon in January.  They are for decades of colleagues whose insight, expertise, clarity of purpose, and good humor made the department a professional home space, even as my work took me elsewhere on campus.  Your collective generosity will replace the wading boots I use for fishing (though I see no nervous fish) and repair an aging garden bed or two.  Your kind words on cards, in emails, and in person remind me how lucky I am to have found such a sustaining professional community. It warmed my heart to see so many friends, colleagues and former colleagues in one place, and to remember so many stories and years.  Sherry and I reminisced long into the evening when it was over.  Many thanks.”

Award and New Job: Kimberly Fields

In Spring 2012, Kimberly Fields (M.A., 2005), was awarded the distinction of Master Distance Educator by the Wyoming Distance Education Consortium. At the time, Kimberly was an English instructor at Laramie County Community College, and an advocate for Universal Design for Learning, which she continues to do in her new position as eLearning Coordinator for the State of Wyoming. She has presented on UDL at the Instructional Technology Council eLearning Conference and as a part of the ITC Webinar series. In July, she participated in the Harvard Graduate School of Education summer program in UDL. Congratulations, Kimberly!

Conference Keynote, Workshop, and Sessions: Todd Mitchell

Last Saturday, Todd Mitchell delivered the morning keynote address at this year’s Colorado Teen Lit Conference in Denver to over 450 people (he didn’t fall off the stage or puke in his shoe).

Todd also ran writing workshops and presented sessions on encouraging creativity to students and faculty at Governor’s Ranch School in Littleton.

Community Literacy Center: 2012 Community Publishing Project Award

The Community Literacy Center is pleased to award the LitProPo project with the 2012 Community Publishing Project award.  LitProPo will receive $300 for writing program materials and the publication of a chapbook that highlights the work of youth writers in the Poudre School District.