Graduate Student Professional Development Award Winners

Nine graduate students earned awards from the 2013-14 Composition Sponsored Graduate Student Professional Development Fund and will be traveling to various professional conferences as a result of this funding. This award was made possible by proceeds garnered from two sources:  the sale of textbooks (e.g., Ethics in Higher Education and Readings in Rhetoric for Advance Writers), which have been collaboratively developed by members of the CSU Composition Program; and from royalties associated with Mike Palmquist’s Joining the Conversation, which Mike donated to the CSU Composition Program and the English Department. Successful applicants demonstrated connections to composition theory and pedagogy as well as concrete plans for sharing their professional development outcomes with audiences inside the department. The nine students are as follows:

  • Kristin George Bagdonov
  • Tara Brandenburg
  • Shannon Dale
  • Vani Kannan
  • Moriah Kent
  • Emily LaPadura
  • Whitney Orth
  • Shelly Reed
  • Kristina Yelnik

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