Publication: Sue Doe

Sue and  (husband) Bill Doe’s article “Residence Time and Military Literacies” was just published in Composition Forum Volume 28 as part of a special issue on student veterans. The article posits the theoretical notion of “residence time” (a notion used widely in the biological and engineering sciences to describe the time it takes for an object to move through a reservoir or any liquid medium) as a way of understanding “induction” into any organization, including the military, and the literacies that result. Using two recent war memoirs, one by an enlisted soldier and another by an officer, they examine ways that military values are inscribed upon new recruits yet also are subject to interaction with the service member’s history and scripts prior to military service. They further suggest that “residence time” may help to explain veterans’ transition challenges when they re-enter civilian sectors.  Bill Doe, formerly of the Warner College of Natural Resources, is CEO of Veterans Green Jobs, a national nonprofit endeavoring to put the newest generation of veterans to work in the green energy sector.


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