First Annual gtPathways-WAC Competition Winners

Sue Doe is pleased to report the winners of the First Annual gtPathways-WAC Competition, cooperatively administered by the University Writing Program and TILT. Funded by TILT and the College of Liberal Arts, competition winners become Writing Research Fellows for 2012-13 and undertake funded projects that directly support the gtPathways Writing Integration Initiative.

  • “Using the Classroom Dossier to Challenge Student Assumptions about the Middle East” –Gamze Cavdar, Political Science — POLS241 Comparative Government and Politics
  • “Inkshedding to Improve Classroom Climate and Increase Content Retention in the Economics Classroom” Mairi-Jane Fox, Economics 211 — Gender & The Economy
  • “Live Concert Blogging for Musical Comprehension and Appreciation in the Introductory Music Appreciation Class” Michelle Stanley — MU100 Music Appreciation
  • “Capturing Evidence of Increased Engagement through Write-to-Engage Processes in the Introductory Art Classroom” Natalie Barnes, Art 100 — Introduction to the Visual Arts Course
  • “Large-scale Assessment of Writing Integration in the General Psychology Classroom” Karla Gingerich PSY100 — Introduction to Psychology

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