Workshop: Writing from Sources: Issues, Research, and Pedagogy

Upcoming Workshop: Writing from Sources: Issues, Research, and Pedagogy!
Date & Time: Thursday, April 12 at 3:30 in the Whittaker Conference room (Eddy 303)

What issues do your students have with finding, summarizing, and integrating sources? Whether we teach literature or composition, our students often face the same tasks: reading sources and drawing from them to support their ideas. In this workshop, Katie Hammond and Jenny Levin will share information from various sessions they attended at the 2012 Conference on College Composition and Communication regarding these issues. They will present:

  •  Research from the Citation Project about how first-year students are finding, reading and using sources in their research writing;
  •  Specific assignments and activities that strengthen students’ research and evaluation skills.

The one hour workshop will be focused on practicality – Katie Hammond  and Jenny Levin have synthesized and created multiple activities and assignments for you to take away with you! The workshop will also be very interactive as all attendees will be encouraged to discuss their experiences and share ideas. All instructors of classes are encouraged to attend!


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