Community Literacy Center Internship

The Community Literacy Center is putting out a call for applications for the 2011-2012 AmeriCorps Internship with the CLC. Below, is the link  to the CLC as well as a brief description of what we do. We’d like to  encourage faculty to present this to all current and incoming students.

Students may submit electronically at or return their application to the CLC office, 346A Eddy.

The Community Literacy Center: Our primary mission is to create alternative literacy in order to educate and empower underserved populations (e.g., incarcerated juveniles and adults, adult learners, women, at-risk youth) and to support university-community literacy outreach programs.  The Center strives to create a range of sustainable community-based literacy programs to promote community action and social change with multiple populations. Our goals are to contribute directly to the literacy needs of Larimer County by offering programming that complements existing literacy education opportunities and to advocate for increased public awareness about the needs and contributions of our diverse community.

We recognize that there are many teens and adults who do not succeed in traditional school settings, and we aim to offer alternative opportunities for these individuals to practice and improve their  reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

For the application:

Applications are due in the CLC by 4pm on April 26, 2011. Applications can also be mailed to Tobi Jacobi, 333 Eddy Building, CSU, Fort Collins, CO 80523 or submitted electronically to



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