Freestone: Call for Articles

The FREESTONE, the English Department’s annual newsletter, is looking for story ideas and contributing writers for its 2010-2011 edition. We are interested in covering all aspects of the English Department and are especially interested in stories that share news, outreach projects, faculty and student profiles, department milestones, and connections to the community. While articles are not due until March 2, we must know of your interest by January 21. If you have an idea for a story or would like to write for the FREESTONE, please contact Erin Hadlock, editor, at

The FREESTONE is a chance for the department to showcase its various activities and accomplishments for alumni, students, faculty, and staff.

Articles will be due on March 2, 2011, and should strive to be about 750 words.

Writing for the FREESTONE can provide the opportunity for you to add to your résumé or CV and show off your hard work and accomplishments. You can also give colleagues well-deserved credit by publicly recognizing their achievements. Help sustain the exceptional reputation of our department by letting everyone know how impressive you are!

The following list contains potential topic ideas, but it is by no means exhaustive—if an activity is happening in the English department, it has a home in the FREESTONE.

– The new MA in Creative Nonfiction
– New and retiring faculty members and office staff
– Activities within the Community Literacy Center and other community initiatives
– Literacy through Poetry
– Graduate Student Symposium
– NCTE and CSU
– Departmental budget news

If you are interested in any of these topics, or if you have additional article ideas, please send your ideas to Erin Hadlock, Editor of FREESTONE, at

Contributors should commit to writing their articles by 1/21.
Articles are due on 3/2.


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